Browser Usage [Infographic]

This shows what percentage of users use what browser.  Then it shows the trend, whether it’s declining or ascending.  This will show you which browsers you should be paying more attention to when designing a website or blog.  Very simple and to the point.  Using great colors and easy to read.  This provides relevant information and people are asking what browser they use.  There are tons of different features for each browser.   We have to watch the trends to make sure our sites and blogs look great in the most popular browsers.  This graphic uses modern web 2.0 colors and is very appealing.  As we have all learned browsers go in and out of style like clothes.  It’s good to keep up with what up and whats down in anything related to technology.  Needlesss to say you need to keep up with what is hot and what is not.  Chrome is in the lead but for how long?   (from


This graphic was provided by blog setup guide which shows you how to setup a blog.

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