BlackBerry Z10 Review

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After months of anticipation the new BlackBerry 10 software from RIM has been revealed to the world on its new flagship, the BlackBerry Z10.

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The Canadian manufacturer has pulled out all the stops to reclaim its status among the smartphone elite with its latest BlackBerry device, as it looks to compete against the likes of Android and iOS.

RIM has made some huge changes to both its software and hardware to make the Z10 its best handset to date.

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Stepping away from the QWERTY keypad found on many of RIM’s past devices, the 4.2-inch multi-LCD display on the Z10 is a striking feature and like nothing ever seen on a BlackBerry handset before.

It’s a perfectly sized display to showcase the all new BB10 operating system, which has been developed to enhance multi-tasking and adapt to each individual user.

It’s this element of true multi-tasking that sets the BB10 operating system apart from anything else we’ve seen before. Swiping gestures allow open app screens to be pulled on top of one another as though everything is laid out in front of you at the same time.

In-built applications such as BlackBerry Hub, brings notifications and messages together in one easy to use stream, whilst BlackBerry Balance allows you to effectively spilt your phone into personal and work mode letting you lock out certain emails after working hours.

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RIM has made no secret that it hopes to appeal to a wider user-base with its new software and as such has developed other innovations like Time Shift which has been built into the camera app, so you always get the perfect shot.

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The Z10 certainly looks to be an appealing prospect but to see all BB10’s top features in action check out our full video review below.

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