Blackberry 10 – Will It Provide A Comeback To RIM?

It will be quite unusual for avid techies, to here something which relates to finance or economics. And here I am going to tell you something like that. New York share market’s Dow-Jones has witnesses a rare in recent past, upward trend in RIM (Research In Motion) shares. Since April 2009 it is the highest ever “bull bull” trend (14% up intra day) for “Blackberry” manufacturing company. Something or some catalyst might have increased the rate of his revitalizing process. When techies and analysts around the western hemisphere received the invitation for much awaited “Blackberry 10”, all the shadows of speculation gone away.  Even the, which has released the photos have a story to tell, titled- “A Picture worth Billion Dollars!”


So, let’s have a look what Blackberry 10 will have so special?

UI with Ease and Flow:

What Blackberry was lacking in its previous phones? The first thing a user can think about is UI. It was not smooth and easy as compared to Apple and Samsung phones. But be prepared, Blackberry 10 will provide you amazing UI with ease and flow. Blackberry will also tend to use the latest features of smart phone UIs, such as notifications, a screen lock and many more. As per a speculation, BB10 will allow its user to run 9 active apps at a same time. Not only that, it will freeze other previously used apps, as it is, in a specialized greed.

 Blackberry Hub:

This is the era of being “Social”, so why can’t Blackberry be? You are going to be stunned by this feature, as per our speculations. It will have access to all your E-mails, messages, notifications of social sites and many other “social stuffs”. It will also have some built in apps or features such as flash, calendar, etc. In addition to all these utilities, the point should be noted; Hub will work on Gesture Controls.

 Work and/or Play

To survive in cut throat competitive market, “business will be inclined to entertainment!” Confused? Don’t be. Blackberry had a long tradition behind itself of being a business phone. Now, the very developers of Blackberry have decided to enter in this market with some stunning ideas. According to a speculation, they will be aiming to reach 70,000 mark, as far as their Blackberry 10 OS is concerned. As in today’s era anyone can build a new OS but the thing to watch for is always remain same; how many developers are ready to develop apps for your OS? Another classic feature the developers are aiming at is just a button; by pushing it you can change your mode from work to play and play to work. You can separate your application for work and play.

 The things to watch out for:

What can BB provide in the area of GUI (Graphic User Interface) and Camera Technology, which is I am closely following. And these features can make a big difference. They can be decisive factors as you can not predict a trend in the technology, particularly smart phone segment.

 Above an all I am all up for Blackberry 10. Let’s see will this new OS help RIM to regain its lost market shares to Apple.Inc and Android based phones. Fingers crossed!!!

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