Birthstones as Christmas Presents [Infographic]

It is said that birthstones symbolize certain characteristics of people who celebrate their birthdays on the month their stone corresponds to. Although there are no factual claims to back this up, it’s still very interesting to learn about the qualities that birthstones represent. If you’re still on the lookout for that perfect Christmas present for the members of your family, you can consider giving them simple jewelries or accessories that are decorated with birthstones. And to make your gift even more special, you can include a short note which provides an explanation of what their birthstones symbolizes. This will give a more personal touch to your present which your recipient will certainly appreciate.   This infographic from can provide this information for you. It includes the origin of each stone and the locations where they can be usually found. You can also find on this visual aid details about the personalities and behaviors that each birthstone signifies.



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