Best WordPress Plugins For Your Real Estate Blog

Best WordPress Plugins For Your Real Estate Blog

Real estate bloggers can use plugins to make WordPress blogs accommodate the special needs of the real estate industry. Among the thousands of free and premium plugins available are dozens of products designed specifically for the real estate market make blogs more profitable for readers and bloggers.

Here you will learn about the best plugins for your real estate blog and how they can make your job easier. With one or more of these installed, you can connect with clients, find partners and exhibit your properties and services. Best of all, you can download plugins listed here for free.


Every blog should have the Akismet anti-spam plugin installed. This plugin prevents ruthless Internet users from posting irrelevant, embarrassing and potentially harmful content and links into the comments section of your blog. Akismet stands guard and automatically suppresses comments that have suspicious origins without impeding legitimate comments left by your readers. Get Akismet by visiting


You spend a lot of time creating posts and replying to comments on your blog, but all your work can go up in smoke if your Web server fails. A simple and effective plugin called WP-DB-Backup will create a backup with a single click from your WordPress admin panel. After downloading this plugin from, use it regularly, so you always can restore your blog if something goes wrong.

Tweet Meme

You can use plugins to connect your blog to the social world. Tweet Meme does that by adding a button that allows readers to easily tweet your blog posts. As a result, you can gain a steady stream of visitors who have an interest in your real estate blog. A growing Twitter audience means that your blog will gain value in the eyes of search engines and Internet users, so you should immediately install this plugin. Direct your browser to to learn more about this plugin or install it using the Plugins section of your WordPress control panel.

Facebook Like Button

Your readers want to tell their Facebook friends about the content available on your blog, so make sharing easy by installing the Facebook Like Button plugin. This plugin will automatically add a Like button to all your posts and pages, so you do not have to worry about adding code. You can download this plugin at


Give readers the chance to stay up-to-date with comments on your blog. Plugins such as DISQUS allow people to subscribe to the comments feed from your blog posts and actively participate in conversations with other readers. As you develop a sense of community on your blog, you will find more people will visit to take part in the action. You can get the DISQUS plugin by searching for it on the Plugins page of your WordPress control panel. You can learn more about this plugin by visiting

Platinum SEO Pack

You might have the best real estate blog on the planet, but have few visitors to share it with if no one can find your website. Many blog owners obsess over search engine optimization to make sure they attract plenty of search engine users. You, however, may not have the time or the willpower to learn SEO tactics. Fortunately, Platinum SEO Pack automates most of the key tasks you need to perform to make sure that Google, Bing and other search engines will include your blog at the top of search results pages. Grab this powerful plugin from


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