Become a YouTube Earner Easily

Want a great way to make some extra money?  YouTube, the popular video sharing site, is a potential gold mine just waiting for you.  Some recent YouTube stars have made upwards of $150,000 a year.  Before you start planning on how you are going to spend all of that money, know that making money on YouTube takes a lot of time, plenty of patience, and a little bit of luck.  Follow the steps below, and begin making money on YouTube.


Before You Begin

You will not be able to make money off a video if it has content that you copied or did not receive permission to use.  You may not show people who did not give their consent to be shown.  Your video must be appropriate for all ages.  Be very careful and deliberate about what you upload if you want to make some revenue.

The First Step

Make a video that stands out.  You will need a video camera that can produce a good quality video, and you will have to edit the footage before uploading it.  Try to record something that will turn your video into a viral video.

The Second Step

While you are uploading your video to YouTube, try to think of a catchy title for your video.  Think of something memorable but also something that will explain what your video is about so that the title is searchable.

The Third Step

Repeat the first and second step over and over again.  Successful YouTubers are usually not those with only one video.  They upload videos on a regular basis until they become YouTube Partners.  The videos have to be great though – they should be getting thousands of hits by YouTube watchers.

The Fourth Step

If your video is successful, you will receive an email from YouTube asking you if you want to apply for revenue sharing.  After applying and approval, you will be ready for a Google Adsense Account.  You can then choose what kind of ads and how the ads appear on your videos.  If your application for Google Adsense does get rejected, you will be back to step one and you will have to wait two months before re-applying.

Start Videoing

Focus on creating high quality, watchable, and entertaining videos.  Be patient!  Don’t expect your video to go viral.  You will need to use social media and networking to get exposure for your videos.  Don’t stop at just one video either.  Keep them coming, upload constantly, and try to create a following on YouTube.  With so many clips on YouTube, try to carve out your own niche or stand out video.  Do you have what it takes to create the next top viral video on YouTube and reap the cash benefits?

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