Apple, Samsung Rumoured To Be Working On Smart Watches

Apple, Samsung Rumoured To Be Working On Smart Watches

Apple is rumored to be preparing a smart watch, with at least 100 engineers and marketers assigned to the project. The device could be a wireless iPhone accessory or a standalone device.

Similar to the previous generation iPod nano. Both the New York Times and the Wall street journal have reported on the possible development. The watch might be made of curved glass. Apple, as usual, has not commented on reports of unannounced products. Meanwhile, screenshots of a Samsung product known as the galaxy Altius indicate a new product with a small, square screen and prominent clock face. The screen shots reveal indicators or shortcuts to messaging, maps and music applications. A horizontal scrolling mechanism also indicates that the device is controlled by the touchscreen. It is not known whether this would be an accessory or self-contained device. Sony and Motorola have experimented with watch-shaped accessories in the past. Over 68000 people contributed over US$ 10 million to the independent kick-starter funded pebble smart watch, which is now available for preorders, demonstrating a significant interest in the category.

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