Announcing: The 5 Most Popular Android Apps Ever

Announcing: The 5 Most Popular Android Apps Ever

Android users, listen up! If you are that person who wants to get the most out of your android phone then you have come to the right place. Applications on handsets have become increasingly popular. Some even like to call them “best friends.” They are much like best friends. They are there when you need help. They are there when you need a cure for boredom.

They are even there when you need medical advice. The point is that they are always there when you need them – except when your phone is dead, of course. With society living in a world of phones it is no surprise that the demand for applications has skyrocketed. Sadly, phones are not just regular phones anymore. Well, you should not be too sad because they are freaking amazing little squares that live in your pocket. You can run the world from your handset – OK, maybe that is a bit too extreme (or is it?). A very popular alternative for making phone calls on a phone is playing games.

Yes, playing games. Not studying your flashcards if you are a student. Not keeping up with your bills if you are on a budget. Not tracking your exercise habits if you are on a weight loss journey. The magical alternative to making phone calls is playing games. This brings us to the five most popular android apps – ever!

Angry Birds

Announcing: The 5 Most Popular Android Apps Ever

With more than 1 billion downloads, Angry Birds has skyrocketed like no other. The gist of the game is basically a war between pigs and birds. The ultimate point is to kill the pigs – with the birds. The pigs are placed in unusual structures such as blocks of wood or glass. You must sling the birds and hit the pigs to ultimately kill them. You must aim the bird strategically to hit the pig or the structures in the right spot to do damage.

Angry Birds is very popular among Android users – who are we kidding? It’s popular among all users of every make and model. The reason for Angry Bird’s success is that it is extremely addicting. That is not to be taken lightly. Angry Birds should come equipped with a warning label that reads: “Warning: This games is very addicting do not play during times of anger and frustration.” This game will keep you up all night. It has become so popular that it will become a movie in the summer of 2016.

Yes, you read that right. It will soon become a movie. Some might say: Who the heck wants to watch a movie about angry birds, but we will have to stay tuned to see what this big screener brings to the box office.


Announcing: The 5 Most Popular Android Apps Ever

Who does not love Facebook? It is a great way to stay connected with your family and friends. Launched in 2004 and created by entrepreneur and Harvard drop-out Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has attracted over one billion users – many of which use the social networking site via their phone. The Android App makes it extremely useful when sharing pictures and status updates on the go.

You can snap a picture of yourself on top of the Eiffel tower and post it on Facebook and cause loads of jealousy in just a few clicks. Sounds fun, huh? You can even post fun videos that you shot yourself or videos you found on YouTube. Isn’t that video of the kitten being adorable sharable? Yes, it most definitely is. Sharing is caring. Facebook is popular beyond an app. It is extremely popular on most devices. It sent MySpace home and took over almost over night.

Pulse News

Announcing: The 5 Most Popular Android Apps Ever

Pulse News is an informational app that helps you keep up with your news instantly. The set up of the app allows you to swipe back and forth to view different stories and articles. It is very fun and easy to read the latest headlines with this app.

You can save stories to read later if you don’t have the time to read an entire story that caught your attention. You can also send stories to bookmarking services so you can remember to read later. Pulse News allows you to sync all your devices so that you can access saved articles on whichever device you choose. Never lose a beat when it comes to news and catch all the news with notifications directly to your phone.


Announcing: The 5 Most Popular Android Apps Ever

Words cannot explain how helpful this app is. This app allows you to figure out what sickness your may be suffering from. You can search symptoms and treatments on this handy app. The information on this app will have you thinking you have a mini doctor in your pocket.

Now you will still need to go see a real doctor, but you will not be in the dark about what you are suffering from. But please do not walk into the doctor’s office thinking you are the doctor and attempt to snatch his white coat. This app is solely to give you an idea of what you may be suffering from. This app is extremely useful for minor sicknesses that may not require a doctor visit.


Announcing: The 5 Most Popular Android Apps Ever

Oh Tetris, where have you gone? This classis game still holds the key to many gamers’ hearts. Tetris is the classic game you play by eliminating lines of blocks my matching falling bricks perfectly. With so many tactical and confusing games today, it is nice to see a simple, familiar face. Tetris levels increase with speed therefore making it a very simple, but challenging game.

But, come on, who isn’t up for a challenge? This game will always be a popular Android app because it is a great way to kill time while your waiting to find out what sickness you are suffering from at the doctor’s office. You may even spend your entire day playing Tetris in your pajamas because it is so addicting and fun.

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