AMD Might Be Betting On ARM For TV’s, Gadgets

AMD Might Be Betting On ARM For TV’s, Gadgets

AMD has sparked speculation that it will be diversifying into the low-power ARM CPU ,market. The chip maker, which is the only competition Intel has in the  traditional X86 processor market for PC’s laptops and servers, has suffered a string of underwhelming product launches and has seen it’s market share decline steadily over the last five years. AMD announced in late 2012 that it would use ARM licensed designs for cloud and data center servers. But a more recent announcement leaves no doubt that ARM CPU’s for embedded systems are also coming soon. At the launch of new X86 based embedded CPU’s. AMD execs noted that a new naming convention was adopted to differentiate the architectures when the product portfolio includes both. The company’s strength in integrated graphics could result in some compelling processors for phones, tablets, TV’s, signage and anything that requires powerful graphics and low power usage. The best of both words, indeed.

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  1. really this will be amazed all the television technology.

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