Alarm Clock [Infographic]

A lot has been said about alarm clocks…and many have cursed their alarm clock on mornings, when it’s awakened them from a peaceful sleep with an annoying BEEP BEEP BEEP. But still, we must all admit that these are useful tools.

Where would we be without alarm clocks?

Would we still have our jobs?

Would the world economy cease to exist?

These are some of the reasons why alarm clocks must be celebrated. This is exactly what the owners of have done in creating their nifty History of Alarm Clocks Infographic. They have done their research to trace back the origins of alarm clocks to ancient precursors like water clocks and sundials. They’ve even pinpointed the date when the first alarm clock with a snooze button was invented (1956), and for that we can ALL be very thankful!

Not only that, but alarm clocks come in a lot of neat shapes and sizes. Some of us even use our mobile phones as alarm clocks…and others even use an online version of an alarm clock.

So do yourself a favor and check out this very nice Alarm Clock Infographic!


Source – Online Clock.

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