Advantages of WordPress You May Not Know

When it comes to developing a website, you have to pick a CMS to make the web development process simpler. Though there are plenty of content management systems (CMS) out there in the market, both paid and free, WordPress is probably the most popular choice. It was first released as a platform for bloggers, but over the years, it received much appreciation from web developers and programmers and now WordPress is mainly used for developing all types of small and large sites. Here are some of the advantages of WordPress you can enjoy by using it for website development.


1. Easy to use: People having basic programming skills will find WordPress very simple to use. The user interface is elaborate and intuitive. You can easily add new content, images and video files and if necessary edit or delete them.

2. It is free: If your budget does not permit you to spend hundreds of dollars on a CMS, then WordPress can be your ideal choice. The CMS is completely free and thus, your web developer won’t charge you much for building the site.

3. Simple to design: You may not have expert web designing skills, but there is no need to worry when you have WordPress. The WordPress directory offers you more than 1400 free themes. If 1400 themes are not good enough for you, then search Google and you will find plenty of free as well as premium themes. Try to pick a premium theme to maintain the brand image of your business.

4. SEO friendly: The main goal of any website is to bring new customers and increase profit. To make your website popular among the web audience, you must have a top spot on search engine result pages and this robust CMS help you make each page and post SEO friendly. Not only you can add keyword to the content, there are many plug-in that you can use to keep Google happy.

5. FTP software and HTML editing not required: WordPress is a comprehensive CMS and thus, you do not require any HTML editing software such as Dreamweaver and Adobe Contributor. You can simply open any browser, add new pages, posts, images and upload documents without any FTP software.

6. Plenty of plug-in: WordPress offers many plug-ins to reduce your hassles. Whether you want to add an event calendar or an image gallery, there is a plug-in already available for that. You don’t need to worry about anything. The good news is that most of the plug-in are either free or reasonably priced.

7. Advance content scheduling: This is a unique feature of WordPress. Suppose you have decided to post 3 articles in your site and you want to publish one article per day. Now, it is quite possible that you may write all the 3 articles over the weekend and may go on leave from Monday. In that case, you can schedule the content in advance. Just mention the publication date of each article and WordPress will take care of the rest.

8. Mobile friendly: WordPress is mobile responsive and therefore, smartphone users can easily view your site from their phone. In fact, WordPress can automatically detect the end user’s device and adapt the layout accordingly.

9. Easy to update: This major CMS releases timely updates to make it more robust, secure and feature rich. The upgrade process is quite easy. When you log-in to your dashboard, you can view version upgrade message at the top of the screen. If a new update is available, you can get it within a few minutes.

The advantages of WordPress are countless and only a few of them are mentioned here. You can trust WordPress completely to build a secure, user friendly website for your business.

Author bio: Victor Gonzalez is a web developer and he mainly likes to develop sites using content management systems like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. You can read some of this other articles here.

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