A Lasting Gift: Birthstone Jewelry [Infographic]

When thinking about gifts for a special someone, jewelry always makes it as one of the most common option amidst the sayings that it is a luxury not worth having during times of crisis – which isn’t true at all. Jewelry is an accessory that will last longer than most other gift options. They are also an investment that is easily acquirable even during these troubled times. If one isn’t into luxurious accessories, but still want to give jewelries as a present, they can always personalize the diamond so that it would fit one’s limited budget. Changing the metal band or the gem itself isn’t an uncommon practice. People often use other birthstones instead of sticking to just your typical diamond gem as a jewelry’s centerpiece. These gems aren’t just cheaper – they also represent a person’s birth month, as well as his personality. A list of birthstones and their meanings are compiled in this wonderful infographic made by Brilliance.com. If you notice, diamonds are also considered birthstones. If that special someone is born on the month of April, you don’t have to worry – you can actually get a cheaper diamond by getting synthetic or lower graded ones.


Source: Brilliance Online Jewelry

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  1. Very cool infographic! Love it :)

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