A Few Invaluable Blogger Outreach Tips


A social task that depends on human interaction, outreaching can be a stressful and even laborious task at times. When it comes down to it however there are a few obvious but effective techniques that can go a long way in making an SEO’s task much easier. Here are some simple but powerful tips for those conducting outreach campaigns that will bring in a lot more links to build your business through.

The Power of Twitter

When it comes to outreaching, Twitter is your most valuable and effective resource. The power of this tool you have at your disposal is gigantic and all you need do is exploit it.

Now exploiting Twitter to the maximum doesn’t just mean tagging a bunch of people and hoping for the best. Those using Twitter in this manner may as well not use it at all.

Think strategically when using Twitter and most importantly, play the long game. Playing the long game consists of taking the time to build a network of friends made up of potential partners to work with.

This can be done by posting their blog content, interacting with them, asking them questions and sharing relevant material with them. Even proclaim yourself to be a fan of their work, as no one can resist good old fashioned flattery.

Include Your Guestposting Ideas in Proposals

When seeking a blog through which to do a bit of guestposting, it is essential to remember that you’re selling an idea. Your proposal must therefore include the idea you’re looking to sell.

In guestposting, the idea is no less than the theme of the article. You could include the heading and maybe even a short extract if you feel it necessary in order to secure a blog.

Keep it Personal

It is important to do a good bit of research on the blogs you’re looking to host material on. This way, when making your proposal, you’ll be able to include information to make it more personal. For example, by including a comment on how you loved their post a few weeks back on a topic similar to the one in your article.

This is a form of both flattery and relationship building, both of which are important when it comes to linkbuilding. You must remember after all, that you’re dealing with human beings here.

An Outreachr campaign can make this piece of advice easy to adhere to, due to the information on your prospective links that is gathered through its results; such as Twitter, Facebook, email and the like.

Sometimes Less is More

Like ourselves, website and blog owners are busy people. As busy people, they therefore like to keep things short and sweet. It’s important to strike a balance between saying enough to sell your article idea, and not saying so much that they feel put off and bored at the prospect of hosting your piece.

Keep your proposal informative, yet precise and straight to the point.

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