A Brief History of The Logo [Infographic]

From the Ancient Civilisations of Egypt and Greece up to the manufacturing companies of the Industrial Revolution and right up until the modern day, where industry giants of industry like Apple and Coca Cola are some of the best known companies into the world, logos and branding have been prominent and important throughout history, and will continue to do so as long as it continues to make such a huge impact with consumers. In the days of Ancient Greece, the pot makers would mark their work with a symbol that was unique to them, signalling the beginning of individual branding. It is even said that the term ‘logo’ stems from the Greek word ‘logos’, which is the term for ‘word’. Whatever the meanings, one thing that cannot be argued is the importance of a logo to a product or business in the modern age, with some branding more popular and recognisable than the name of the company itself.


Source – Stuart Morris

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