7 Reasons SEO Marketing Made Paper Directories Obsolete [Infographic]

A paper directory used to be the greatest way to advertise your business to local people around you and to attract fresh customers. Customers from all over your local area could see your listing, and they would approach your business when they had need of your services or products.

So, if paper directories were a viable way to direct customers to your business, why did they fall by the woefully by the wayside? The simple answer is SEO marketing outperforms paper directories in seven big ways.

1: Global Audience

The largest thing that SEO marketing does is also its biggest; SEO marketing targets a global audience. Unlike a paper directory, which at best would only be seen by a fraction of a local city’s population, SEO marketing allows your business to be seen worldwide.

2: Multi Channel Approach

Not only does SEO marketing allow you to broadcast your products and services to everyone, it lets you advertise them in places that people frequent. Sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social networking websites have ways that you can personally solicit your business with people who are interested in it. Put simply, that’s another reason SEO marketing overtook paper directories.

3: Convenience

Adwords aside, search engines are generally free for people to use, easy, convenient and accessible most of the time from anywhere with an internet connection. There’s no need to have a physical copy of a search engine results page before you can utilize it like with paper directories.

4: Speed

Paper directories take some time to traverse. It can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to find what you’re looking for in a paper directory, but it only takes a few seconds to type something in and get the results you’re looking for in a search engine. Furthermore, that means it only takes someone a few additional seconds to get to your business’s website so that they can be one step closer to being one of your customers.

5: Customer Analysis

With paper directories, you’re never really sure who is reading them. It’s unthinkable to try and break down the demographics of those interested in your business when it comes to paper directories, but that’s not the case with SEO marketing. Depending on where you market, you can see when someone searches for your business, how often they access your website, the age groups, locations your website was accessed from and much more.

6: Content Updated Immediately

When you release a new product or you make a change in your services, you have to wait for the next paper directory to be released in order for people to become aware of it. Will that be updated in a month, quarterly or annually? With search engines, any changes made to your business can be noticed in a fraction of that time. Customers can become aware of new products or services overnight.

7: Customer Interaction

Interacting with your customers is one of the most important attributes that SEO marketing can offer that paper directories just can’t. Potential customers can get a feel for how your business conducts itself when they interact with your business quickly and directly.


This infographic was created by Infaweb, an inbound marketing agency based in Scotland.

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  1. Cool infographic, paper directories are on the way out but not dead just yet.

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