5 Ways Bad Web Hosting Can Screw Up Your Site & Scare Away Sales


After spending much time and money on creating a good website, many people make the mistake of neglecting to research website hosting companies before they sign up. If a company is significantly cheaper than the competition, there is usually a reason. Here some of the things to be on the lookout for when you decide who will host your website:

Extremely Cheap Hosting Prices

  • Low introductory prices – Just as with most other purchases, with web hosting, you get what you pay for, so do your homework. When companies offer extra low monthly or start-up hosting prices, they’re most likely planning to make it up elsewhere. In many cases, they do this by jacking up the monthly fees after you have your site up and can’t easily move it. This keeps people locked into staying with the hosting company even after the prices have gone up.
  • Bad customer service – Many companies make up the difference of offering cheaper prices by cutting out or completely getting rid of their customer service areas. In some cases, they may cut the hours or even outsource customer support. This is especially troublesome when your website is a 24-hour a day store, and it has an issue that you need immediate assistance to fix.


  • Uptime – If the server hosting your website goes down, so does your site. When you site is down, you can’t get visitors, customers or make any sales. This means that every second your site is down, you’re potentially losing money. The problem doesn’t just affect you when your site is down; it also causes problems with search engine robots. If your visitors and customers can’t get onto your site, neither can the robots that help rank your site with search engines.
  • Load time – The server your hosting company uses affects the speed at which your website loads for your visitors. When a site takes too long to load, it not only loses visitors, but also has an effect on page ranking with search engines. Make sure the web host you’re using has the ability to give you the resources you need to keep your site up and you have enough bandwidth to load properly.


  • Updates – Some inexpensive hosting services are less likely to have the latest and most up-to-date software and security updates. When visitors and customers log into your website, they expect a safe and secure experience. The lack of site updates can cause a negative experience for your potential customers and may make search engines rank your website lower than one with current software updates installed. Make sure your hosting company keeps their scripts and software updated regularly.

With all the effort, time and money that you have invested in your website don’t let a cheap website hosting company ruin it for you and your customers. If a hosting company is offering services for significantly less than other hosting companies, be sure to do some research to make sure you know what you’re getting for your money.

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