5 Types of Videos To Help You Achieve Your Marketing Objectives


Most business owners are aware that they should be creating videos to leverage their online marketing. Studies have shown that embedded videos have tremendous SEO benefits, can help your company website convert more visitors into sales, and can make your social media presence more engaging.

  • With embedded video, your web page is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google (Forrester Research, Jan. 2010)
  • 26% of video viewers visit the local store. (Blakesley User View Study, Feb. 2010)
  • 21% of video viewers make a purchase. (Blakesley User View Study, Feb. 2010)
  • YouTube is the world’s #2 search engine

The benefits of are clear, but many aren’t sure how to proceed from there. What kind of video should you make? What will best benefit my business? What are the options?

Focus On One Message At A Time

There are a number of excellent ways to use video to achieve your online marketing goals, as well as many different types of videos you can create. It’s best to focus on one goal at a time to make each one as effective as possible.

5-types-of-videos-to-help-you-achieve-your-marketing-objectivesYou may want to create a How To video to educate potential customers about the best ways to use the products you sell. Or, you may want to create a video about your company’s history, to say a little about the principles that are most important to you.

Both of these are great subjects, however, if you try to combine those two messages in a single video, you’re likely to end up with something that’s too long, and generally unfocused. You’ll dilute each message, and risk losing your audience’s attention.

Here are five types of videos you can incorporate into your online marketing efforts. Each type allows you to focus on one message at a time, making it more likely that each video will have the desired effect on the person watching it.

1. Company Profile

This type of video focuses on your company story, and on the principles that are most important to you. When a potential customer hires you to provide a service, they’re choosing to enter into a relationship with you. They want to know that they’ll be working with a company they can trust, who stands for something they can believe in.

This is a great opportunity for you to express your customer service philosophy, help make potential clients comfortable with your organization, and reinforce your company’s brand. If at all possible, incorporate testimonials from past clients who have seen you put your philosophy into action.

2. Instructional or “How To” Video

This type of video gives you a great opportunity to educate your customers on the best ways to use the products you offer. It motivates new customers to buy, and helps past customers find new ways to use your products, providing you with a great “soft sell” approach.

This kind of video is perfect for YouTube because it offers the kind of useful tutorial that’s always been popular on that platform.

3. Product Demonstration – Features and Benefits

Another great way to convert internet traffic to sales is to make a video focused on a specific product. Create a video demonstration that showcases the most important features and benefits of that product.

This type of video can be great for landing pages, and will transform a wall of text into an engaging, interactive presentation.

4. Case Study or Featured Project

As a general rule, you should always keep your online videos as concise as possible. 90 seconds is a good length, and if you can communicate your message in 30 seconds, even better. Sometimes, however, there’s a specific project that justifies going into a little more depth (although these should still be kept under 5 minutes).

Maybe you’ve tracked the progress of a job you’ve completed over time, and you’d like to showcase the expertise of your personnel. Maybe you have an opportunity to create a video case study that’s likely to be re-shared by others in your industry. If you have a short documentary with truly interesting or valuable information, this kind of video can be a great way to promote yourself as an authority in your field.

5. Comedy or Viral Video

Your personality should come through in any video you create, but sometimes there’s a way to promote your brand through a great joke, or a brilliant visual idea.


This is the most difficult kind of video to pull off, with the greatest possible reward if you can get it right. Many elements have to come together – the right idea, the right actors, and the right timing for the idea to catch on and be re-shared for a viral effect.

Just be prepared to take a brutally honest look at the idea, and make sure that this is really the way you want to present your company. There’s a high degree of difficulty with this type of video, and it may not work the way you envisioned.

“So Where Do I Start?”

Determine which type of video best serves your marketing objectives, and then start there. Maybe you’re trying to build large B2B contracts, and a company profile will be best to help you build those relationships. Maybe you’ve got a great product, and your marketing goals are best served by demonstrating the features and benefits of that product.

There’s a time and place for each of these messages, and the ideal online marketing campaign uses a combination of all of them. Each type of video serves its own valuable purpose, allowing you to focus on one message at a time.

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