5 Types of Mobile Advertising To Reach Potential Customers


Mobile technology is growing every day. Nearly every household has one cellphone or other mobile device in their homes. This relatively new technology can access the internet, receive emails, play videos, stream music, and offer the latest mobile games. When new technologies are introduced to the world, companies adjust their marketing strategies to have their advertising reach these mobile customers.

Mobile advertising offers diverse ways for companies to market their wares, and mobile advertising companies are showing these businesses how to successfully advertise on this mobile platform. For you to know how to market your products and services, you first have to understand the different types of mobile advertising that is available.

SMS Advertising

SMS (short message service) advertising allows customers to choose whether they want to receive paid advertisements from companies. Mobile advertising agencies ask if phone users want to opt-in to merchant ads as they manage the SMS program to send promotions, coupons and discount offers. A business will usually pay the mobile advertising companies for advertising packages or on a “pay-as-you-go” fee option.

Mobile PPC Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) has always been a popular advertising strategy for businesses trying to reach online customers. Internet users would type in a search topic, and the advertisement would show up on the results page as a product or service that is similar to the search topic. Mobile advertising agencies are taking the same approach for smartphone users. A business pays for the ad only when someone clicks on it. Mobile PPC ads are also known as In Page Advertising.

Mobile Banners

Businesses can ask mobile sites to show their advertisements in exchange for payment. These mobile banners consist of graphics displayed on the web page as viewers of the site can click on the ad to see a special promotional advertisement or a full page ad. Mobile users may also see these types of ads placed in streamed videos, while listening to music, or when they play mobile phone games.

Contextual Mobile Advertisements

Similar to PPC advertisements, contextual advertisements appear on the web pages on mobile devices. Businesses pay to have better positioning of their advertisements based on user queries in mobile searches. When the user types in the query and receives a search result, the advertisement appears on the search result web page as either text or a graphic that can be clicked. The web page owner makes a profit from the revenue generated by the ad network.

Idle Screen Advertising

Idle screen advertising is when a mobile user begins to download an application to their smartphone or waits for a web page to load. While waiting, they can read about special ad promotions and offers from businesses until the application or page loads completely. Afterward, the mobile user can visit the business site.

Choose the Mobile Advertising That Works Best For Your Business

Mobile advertising is vital to reach customers wherever they are. With new ways and methods to promote your business, you can get the word out about your products and services through the fastest growing technology in the world. Tailor your advertising and marketing strategy based on your budget, the type of business you have, and whether you will be doing the advertising for yourself or hiring mobile advertising agencies to help.

Don’t let this mobile platform opportunity pass your business by. With smart marketing strategy and diverse advertisement placement, you are sure to see an increase in sales with more customers clicking on your ads and knowing about your business. Bring in more business by taking every type of advertising route that’s available.

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