5 Tips to Avoid the Mistake of Neglecting Your Business’s Design


When you dreamed up your business, you had to have a clear image of what it was going to be in your head. Even if you haven’t done this yet, you definitely should be able to envision what your business should be about.

The general train of thought with regards to businesses goes from a general solution to a more specific one to one that is a custom-tailored solution with your logo on it. It only makes sense that you should be able to picture your business as a whole before you can start building it, similar to how a house needs a complete blueprint.

The problem is that most businesses are missing one of the most crucial elements: branding.

In order to be successful, put branding as a primary focus during the construction of your business. Both you and your graphic design or marketing agency need to keep the following five key points in mind.

1. A Great Design Leaves a Positive Lasting Impression

In any job interview, you dress to impress the person who is potentially hiring you. You want to look like you’re suited for the job before you even shake the other person’s hand. Your attire gives off something called a first impression, and it’s something that’s not exclusive to people.

A website’s design can give a lasting impression to the people that visit it, just like a business’s branding can leave an impression on the people that use those products. If your website is boring, bland or hard to navigate, then visitors will remember it as such. You want to make sure that you design your website in such a way that everything you immediately need to say to visitors gets said. This includes the color, the layout, the graphics and everything else.

2. Make Your Brand Long Term

The goal of a brand is to create something visitors can see now and remember five years down the road. A truly successful brand can put no more than a logo on a blank sheet of paper to have people recognize what it is and what products are associated with it.

When planning out your brand, make sure that you’ll be able to stick with it for a long time. As a general rule of thumb, rethink your brand if you can’t see your company sticking with it in five years’ time.

3. You Design Needs to Send a Message

This ties in to the first point about providing a lasting impression with your business’s design. You customers should be able to merely glance at your website or products to understand what your company’s message is.

You should already have a message for your business. It should define your audience, what they take away from your company’s solutions, why they would choose your business over another and your company’s ethos. Your design and branding should reflect this in as simple as a way as possible.

4. Successful Designs Excite and Separate You from Competitors

The natural world has a number of examples where being the most attractive specimen has its advantages. For example, the peacock finds its mate by displaying its feather pattern to prospective females.

In a way, your business’s design acts like those feathers while you’re trying to catch the attention of your visitors. Your goal is to convert them into regular customers, and the vest way to do that is with a unique design that sets you apart from all the other websites out there.

5. Deduce How Successful Your Website Design Is

Sometimes it’s not about having the most professional branding or cutting edge design, but it’s just about grabbing people’s attention. Websites that have a layout design by a design company with mid-grade skill can outperform designs that cost thousands of dollars from a professional firm simply because they reach users better.

This is why it’s critical to measure how well your website’s design is doing. Split test different designs to see how effective one is over the other, then determine which elements are working the best with your visitors.

It’s important to think of your website’s layout as another step in your marketing strategy. The more effective your branding is, the easier a time your business will have expanding

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