5 Most Popular Promotional Products


Promotional products are pivotal to a business’s popularity. Companies usually hand out these products in satisfaction of what their clients needs. It is also a way of establishing some sort of valuable connection with their clientele. The assumption is that customers feel appreciated when they receive these promotional products. There are various kinds of promotional products in the market today. Here are some of the most popular products for promotion:

Corporate Umbrellas

These promotional products have established themselves as some of the most popular items. This is because most people will use an umbrella when the need arises. It is quite universal that umbrellas are always a pressing need in rainy or sunny situations. The popularity of umbrellas duly emanates from the fact it is of high value to most customers.

As promotional products, corporate umbrellas work wonders for the profile of the concerned corporations. It gives them a lot of publicity thanks to their emblazoned logos on the umbrellas. They also have the liberty to use little or a lot of space in printing their logos on the umbrellas.

Promotional Pencils and Pens

The popularity of pens and pencils as promotional products stems from them being an important accessory for most people. These writing instruments come in handy in many situations. This is always bound to increase the brand recognition of the concerned business organization. Also, branding pencils or pens is a cost-effective exercise. This characteristic allows for bulk branding.

Branded Tote Bags

Another popular promotional product is a tote bag. Many companies have adopted the branding of these products for several reasons. First, they are versatile since customers can use them as work bags, beach bags or grocery baskets. Their large surface areas also afford businesses the choice of imprinting large prints of their slogans, brand images or logos. This enhances the brand recognition of their enterprises.

Business Travel Cups

Brands are another effective way to increase brand exposure among the clients. Branded cups or mugs are quite affordable albeit they cost more that pens or pencils. The fact that people use them daily will work best for brand recognition. Cups and mugs are also durable unless they crack or break. This increases the lifespan of the brand’s exposure among the clientele. They also work when distributed alongside road promotions.

Branded Lip balms

Company lip balms have also emerged as popular promotional items for many companies. Their popularity is deserving considering their potential effects on brand recognition. Businesses can net in many customers by releasing different flavors to cater for their varied preferences. They also offer companies the chance to add a tinge of creativity. For example, they can position themselves as eco-friendly by distributing organic or natural lip balms.

Customers only need things that are valuable to their lives. This is the main determinant of the choice of a promotional product. Brand recognition will only materialize when the products add value to customers. This scenario will be a win-win for both parties.

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