5 Insane Videogame Speedruns

Gamers have always been a competitive bunch. Since the first arcade machines appeared in darkened amusement halls around the world, it’s all been about who has the highest score. These traditions are maintained today by a community of truly hardcore gamers. These players have set themselves aside from the great crowds of casual dabblers through their absolute dedication and devotion to being the best. For these extraordinary videogame warriors, there is no honour higher, no accolade more prestigious than being the very fastest. On that note, then, read on as we take a look at five of the most insane speedruns from the gaming world, in which some very skilled individuals have tackled daunting games at breakneck pace.


Doom II – Andrey Budko (17 minutes 25 seconds)

If you’re a gamer with a significant number of years’ experience under your belt, watching this video will be a like a horrifying twenty minute trip down memory lane. In this video, Doom II fanatic Andrey Budko completes the entire game at an unreal speed – so much that you wonder if someone has sped it up. It’s a tense watch! Throughout, Andrey takes a real kicking, nearly falling at a few stages, but he perseveres and emerges victorious from the depths of hell. To this day, Doom II has the power to unsettle those of us with tortured memories of its dark corridors and vicious denizens.

Super Mario Bros – Andrew Gardikis (4 minutes 58 seconds)

Long a classic challenge amongst speedrunners, the world record for completing the original Super Mario Bros on the NES as quickly as possible is incredibly competitive. Andrew Gardikis boldly claims that his record of completing the game in 4 minutes 58 seconds can never be improved on because it’s the fastest time physically possible. On watching Andrew’s speedrun video, you will notice the total lack of hesitations, no mistakes – no flaws. It is perfect in every single way.

The Secret of Monkey Island – ‘Mike’ (39 minutes 12 seconds)

If you know your onions about gaming, you’ll know that the Monkey Island games aren’t really typical speedrun fodder. Typically they’re a more slow, considered affair, where you spend much of your time trying to work out what you needed to do with that rubber chicken in order to progress. That doesn’t stop ‘Mike’, the chap who completes speedy run through of the game in just 39 minutes and 12 seconds. Such a feat requires an incredibly detailed knowledge of the game in order to do in less than an hour what it took many gamers weeks to accomplish.

Mortal Kombat 4 – ded_ (7 minutes 24 seconds)

This is just unreal. If you have ever played Mortal Kombat before, you know how hard it is on normal mode – let alone on ‘ultimate’ difficulty. Watch in sheer awe as our gamer ‘ded_’ destroys the game in seven minutes twenty-four seconds – not even giving his digital enemy time to wipe the blood from his nose. The lad even does a little victory dance when he finishes off terrifyingly difficult enemy ‘Gord’ – and even slams a fatality in there at one point. On watching, prepare for your jaw to drop!

Super Mario 64 – Rikku (15 minutes 35 seconds)

Another speedrunner’s favourite, Super Mario 64 undoubtedly still holds its own as one of the greatest games of its generation. Mention it to any gamer of a certain age and their eyes will glaze over as they remember their first timid steps into Peach’s castle many hidden depths. Unswayed by such nostalgia, though, gamer Rikku absolutely destroys the game in just 15 minutes and 35 seconds. The video is an exercise in platforming precision that can’t fail to impress. Godspeed, Rikku!

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