5 Careers You Can Pursue With Elance


Elance connects clients with the contractors they need by grouping contractors according to their skills and experience and projects by their requirements. Its sorting algorithms have made it the center of freelance hiring on the internet, and thousands of professionals make their entire living from Elance jobs. Having taken contract work from Elance regularly, I’ve always found it easy to get what I want.

Elance can be configured to offer alerts via e-mail to contractors looking for a certain kind of work when such work becomes available. This customizability allows contractors to keep abreast of trends in employment opportunities and to jump on new projects as they present themselves. I’ve done a lot of work with Elance, and it really helps contractors make the most of their time by allowing them to divide their attentions between multiple clients or client bases. No office, no supervisors, just the work you want at rates you determine. Elance is a big step forward for freelancers everywhere. Let’s take a look at what some professionals are doing with their careers via Elance.

1. Video Editing

Video editors used to be backroom tech gurus working in studio offices, but Elance’s file hosting services means that teams of editors can access, upload, and edit the same files without the hassle of being in the same place at the same time. Elance gives video editors a dynamic environment in which to work, and there’s a big pool of clients who need their services. Commercials, audition tapes, educational videos, webinars; they all need editing, and the list of visual media running through Elance just keeps growing.

2. Graphic Design

Professionals proficient in handling seminal online graphic technology like WordPress Genesis frameworks are in high demand on Elance. A little basic Photoshop never hurts, either, and adding graphic design to your resume means being able to tap the huge market for logos, banner ads, and other advertising and branding material. Some graphic designers, once they’ve established themselves, earn their entire living from job placement on Elance. Just sign up, build a resume, and start hunting for work. A little early success can help you with pulling in bigger projects.

3. Writing

A pretty significant chunk of the work available on Elance is writing-related. When you stop and think about it, the vast majority of content on the Web is text. With that much text floating around it’s no wonder people and businesses need professionals to generate new content, provide the copy for advertising campaigns, and manage social media marketing like Twitter feeds and Facebook pages. The internet may be paperless, but it’s wordier than ever. Good news for the scribblers of the world.

4. Professional Voiceovers

Voiceovers and voice acting are two market sectors Elance really shines in. While they’re not a big part of the business Elance places, the site’s format allows contractors to upload samples of their vocal style and voice techniques, allowing potential employers to shop among those qualified for the right fit. This feature is huge, as is the site’s support for voice submissions as part of the bidding process. Voiceover artists can really put themselves out there on Elance.

5. Editing & Proofreading

Editing makes up quite a sizeable portion of Elance’s available writing projects at any given time. Having edited with Elance, my experiences have ranged from handling manuscripts for aspiring (and published) authors to proofing technical articles for internet marketers. Work in editing is very consistent, with new projects going live on a fairly constant basis, so an editor working with Elance can expect to be kept busy.

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