5 Awesome Logo Design Tips That You Must Know

An effective logo should be distinctive, graphic, practical, simple in form and appropriate. It should always send out the intended information or message. Your business logo is what your customers will use to identify you and your products or services. It should, therefore stick to the following Logo Design Tips.

The 5 Principles of a Good Logo

1. It Should Be Simple

A great logo should have a simple design that allows easy recognition. This ensures that people can remember it and quickly associate it with your identity/brand. Awesome logos spot things that are out-of-the-ordinary, very unique, yet very simple, without being overdrawn.


2. It should be memorable

When someone sees your logo, he/she should remain with an impression of it. Great logos are easy to remember. This way, customers who have seen yours will be able to tell when they see your products anywhere else outside your website or business premises.

3. It should be unique

Your logo should not entirely copy other brands. Instead, it should reflect your creative genius while also communicating what your business is all about. Your logo should actually be your brand representation. Therefore, it should be unique if you want to communicate to your customers that your products are unique and different from your competitors.

4. Learn from others

Good to note at this point is that as much as your logo should be unique, it is important that you examine other companies’ logos, and especially the ones that have wildly succeeded. Try to identify what makes their logos tick. This gives you an insight on what kind of a logo you should come up with to chart your way to success too.

5. Research your audience

Creating a great logo is not just about creating some pretty visuals. It should be about coming up with a brand as well as communicating your market position. Therefore, your very first step when conceptualizing your logo is to understand your ideal customer. What is it that they expect from you and how do you connect with them?

These present some of the principles that a great logo should follow. Therefore, as you approach a logo design company, you should be well prepared with what you want as the outcome. You should carefully vet your logo designer to find out if he/she will use these rules, and if he/she understands your needs.

You should also note that cheap can be expensive. A good logo that brands your business should not be something done by an amateur. You will find many logo design gurus who charge as little as $5 for their services. Unfortunately, such designers may end up giving you an equivalent worth of mess.

Here is the bottom line, if you are looking for a logo design expert, go for one who first tries to understand your business before he/she even starts making sketches. Again, this designer should also try to understand your target audience. Finally, he/she should be willing to give you several sketch options for you to pick the best.

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