5 Apps To Put The Lockdown On Home Intruders


On one hand, home security isn’t exactly the type of problem you usually try to solve with your phone.

On the other hand, just about every problem you can think of has some sort of solution present available on your smart phone in the form of an App; home security is no different. While there are no apps that can guarantee yourself protection from home invaders and intruders, you can certainly supplement your in-person efforts with a home security app that increases convenience and decreases worry. Here are a few apps to keep in mind as you renew your home’s security systems.

1. Alarm.com

Yes, it’s a website too, but Alarm.com’s new home security app is designed to be carried with you whenever you’re away from the house and you want to check in with your home security. Heck, it lets you manage just about everything in your home security while you’re away, including everything from managing your Alarm.com-installed wireless sensors to arming and disarming the security system while you’re away. Needless to say, this gives you the convenience of disabling the security when a neighbor comes by to walk your dogs – just make sure you have the right Alarm.com systems before you download the app.

2. Channel Vision Security App

If you have Channel Vision IP cameras and servers, this is the free app that allows you to view them while you’re away. This is good for keeping an eye on the kids if they’re watching themselves for the first time, but it also helps give you peace of mind when you’re away for extended periods of time – even if you left no one home alone.

3. Indigo Touch

Like the other apps, this app requires that you sync it up with company-specific hardware (Indigo being the company), but once you have your system set up, you’ll be pleased with all of the app-based options you have available. Consider what it would be like to control your lighting, appliances, and even your sprinklers from far away, or to adjust the thermostat in your home from across the country. Indigo is great for keeping up on all of your home’s systems.

4. Mobiscope

If you have IP cameras installed in your house, you can use Mobiscope to watch their feeds. The app even allows you to view and control those public webcams that allow you to do so, making it fun even if you have no cameras installed at home to speak of. The easy navigation between rooms will help you to quickly give your home a once-over, allowing you to quickly ease your mind before going to be dwhile on vacation or on extended leave.

5. SecureHome

The beauty of this app is that you don’t have to buy any hardware to ensure that this one works; a lot of the other apps come free on the condition that you also have some other hardware pre-installed. SecureHome can work off of your home mac, using its microphone to detect intruders.

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