4 Powerful Ways To Build Natural Links


Natural link building is an absolute ‘must’ if you expect to be successful with your SEO campaign. Search engine algorithms are savvy and can detect and discredit anything other than a natural link. What’s a natural link? Put simply, it’s a link that adds value to your website and one that you don’t have to buy or directly ask for. A natural link is considered valuable by search engines because the link comes from a recognized website that is telling Google (and the other search engines) that your site contains good and relevant content. Here are four powerful ways you can boost your rankings by building natural links.

Establish a Strong Social Media Profile

When you establish a strong social media presence for you brand on sites like Facebook Twitter and Google+ you will gain natural links when your friends, fans and followers share your content with people they know. These social shares send powerful messages to the search engines to indicate that your website has good content on it that people recommend to others. Social media shares are gradually becoming the ‘new SEO’ so to speak. It’s becoming increasingly important that you are seen on the same social networks¬† your target audience are members of.

Take Part in Social Bookmarking

By using Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon and other social bookmarking websites you can attract natural links to your site. You can start by posting articles on your blog and then sharing them on social bookmarking sites so that they are in front of a lot of people each day. The key here is to come up with attention-grabbing titles. If the title of your article is intriguing enough, it will get lots of exposure and you’ll receive natural links from people who find your article interesting and valuable. When someone likes your article, there’s a good chance that they will publish it on their blog or website along with your site’s URL.

Become a Guest Blogger

A no-fail way to generate natural links to your website is through guest blogging. This method of obtaining natural links will quickly pay off in terms of your site’s rankings. In order to be a good guest blogger, you need to create well-written, unique and engaging content. You can then post your articles in open forums where webmasters make you offers to acquire your articles. You should only accept offers coming from well ranked, reputable sites. You can also contact blogs in your niche or industry and offer to write them guest blog posts. If possible, include a link back to your site within the body of the article. If that’s not allowed, you can place your link in a short bio at the end of the article.

Blog Commenting 

Posting comments on blogs is one of the oldest strategies for obtaining natural links and it’s still a good method to use today. The search engines consider links obtained through blog commenting as natural links. The blogs you comment on should be high ranking, reputable blogs within your industry. You need to focus on making your comments relevant and insightful. Otherwise your efforts will be in vain as you will be viewed as a spammer wherein your comments won’t be approved and posted. If you make the effort to add very interesting comments which contribute to what’s being discussed, just one good comment could send a lot of traffic your way as readers may visit your site to see what you’re all about.

These four proven natural link building methods are relatively easy to carry out but they do require commitment on your part.  Other methods of obtaining natural links you might like to try your hand at are forum posting, press releases and creating, posting & promoting videos on sites like YouTube.

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