4 of The Best Bluetooth Headsets

The Bluetooth device is widely known for providing users the ability to talk on their phones without having to hold them. While the technology can also be used for listening to music or podcasts, its primary function is to offer an outlet of communication to users who are driving, handling paperwork, or even cooking a meal.

With that in mind, here are the top four Bluetooth headsets on the market.

Plantronics Savor M1100

 4 of the Best Bluetooth Headsets

The Plantronics Savor M1100 takes wireless communications to a new level. This headset sports a distinctive V-frame design with three synchronized microphones strategically placed to capture your voice. With voice-activation technology, this Bluetooth headset allow consumers to use their voice to answer calls without lifting a finger to do it. Simply say “answer” to pick up an incoming call.

When using this feature, you can also access the hands-free text and audio email service, stream music and podcasts, or use the Bing 411 service for traffic, weather, sports, news, and other updates. The transmission range for this Bluetooth device is 30 feet and the battery power is four hours, so you’ll have no problem taking care of business hands-free without having to pick up a phone or plug a charger in.

Although the retail price of this device is $79.99, it’s possible to find it for $59.99 at various online outlets.

Plantronics Voyager PRO HD

If you’re interested in buying a Plantronics device and your pockets are a bit deeper, consider the Voyager PRO HD. Unlike the Savor M1100, this device uses Smart Sensor technology to know whether to send calls to your mobile phone or your headset, where it automatically answers your phone or transfers your calls simply by placing it on your ear.

Besides managing email, checking the weather, or streaming music, you can also update your Facebook. While the PRO HD is bigger than the M1100 (it weighs almost twice as much), its battery lasts about two hours longer, with a talk time of up to six hours and a standby time of up to five days.

Although the retail price of this Bluetooth device is $99.99, it’s currently selling for $84.95 at various online outlets.

Aliph Jawbone ERA

The Jawbone ERA is the only Bluetooth headset armed with military-grade NoiseAssasin 3.0, which is the latest version of Jawbone’s industry-first noise and wind canceling technology. Since this device was originally developed for use by tank commanders and helicopter pilots, it doesn’t have a problem eliminating background noise during your phone calls. This is useful when running between business meetings, spending time with the kids, or during your morning run.

The range on this Bluetooth headset is 33 feet, and it has about six hours of battery life with 10 days of standby time. Because of how popular and technologically advanced this device is, it’s a great fit for (and is perfectly compatible with) the new Blackberry 10 software features.

Although the retail price of this Bluetooth device is $129.99, it’s currently selling for $71.68 at various online outlets.

Jabra WAVE

If you’re looking for a stylish and good-sized headset, look no further. The Jabra WAVE is a slim and exceptionally comfortable headset that features a minimalist design from the house of Jacob Jensen. It’s considered one of the most elegant and discreet headsets in the industry, weighing less than 10 grams and measuring just over an inch and a half long.

In addition to the external attraction of this device, it also tells you if you have an interrupted connection or if your battery needs recharging soon. The battery features up to six hours of battery life and eight days of standup time.

Although the retail price of this Bluetooth device is $79.99, it’s currently selling for $59.95 at various online outlets.

It’s no secret that Bluetooth technology is here to stay, as people from all walks of life use its convenience to maneuver throughout their day. With advances in this technology, it’ll soon do a lot more than just keep your hands-free.

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