3 Places To Get Web Traffic Other Than Google

3 Places To Get Web Traffic Other Than Google

Google is known as the search giant. Currently, Google accounts for approximately 70 percent of online searches. There is a lot of competition of websites trying to get to the top of Google search results. This has led to a lot of sites using unorthodox methods of optimizing their sites for search engines such as Google.

Due to this, Google has been releasing regular updates, penalizing websites for using these practices. Unfortunately, there are many sites which end up being affected even without necessarily having used these methods to increase their PageRank with Google deliberately. Therefore, it is important to have other options of getting web traffic other than Google. We will look at other sources of traffic but it is important to still make every effort to be in good terms with Google and other search engines.

1. YouTube

3 Places To Get Web Traffic Other Than Google

Did you think that the second largest search engine is Yahoo or Bing? Well, you are wrong. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. It hosts over 4 billion videos every day. This is a monster search engine which any serious internet marketer should not ignore. YouTube optimization is not as hard as many may think. You need to simply do some keyword research and then optimize your video title, tags and description.

2. Facebook

3 Places To Get Web Traffic Other Than Google

There is a lot of talk online about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) going social. If you search online using the search engine “SEO is dead” or “SEO going social”, you will get a lot of useful content talking about how social sites are important for traffic. In social networks, Facebook is the current giant in terms of user numbers. You can get traffic from Facebook in two ways:

• Paid traffic through creation of Facebook ads.
• Free traffic: Some people may not call this free due to the amount of time and energy needed. This method calls for first of all optimizing a Facebook page then making sure you get a lot of dedicated followers who frequently check your updates. Facebook requires that you don’t market your business using your personal profile, but rather a Facebook page. When you get an optimized page with many followers, you’ll need to simply link it to your website and update all your links to Facebook. This causes a chain reaction since they will also share the great content to their friends and in turn bring in more traffic. It is also important to make sure you use official Facebook buttons on your sites to encourage readers to share your post.

3. Twitter

3 Places To Get Web Traffic Other Than Google

Twitter is another giant social network. Facebook uses Edgerank to weigh its posts therefore your posts may not always get to the top of your followers’ news feed if you use automated methods. This is not the case with Twitter since you can easily use automated options for your marketing campaigns. First of all optimize your Twitter profile. Things like using an appropriate user name, a real photo and keywords on your bio will make you look more attractive to followers. There are many Twitter apps which you can use to reach your followers. You can easily automate your status updates and direct messages and be able to get great traffic from your followers. As with Facebook, use official Twitter buttons on your site to get people to share your content and follow you.

Content is King

3 Places To Get Web Traffic Other Than Google

No matter how good you are in YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or any other social network, no one will follow you if they feel like your content sucks. Make sure you only post top-notch content. This will compel people to bookmark your content, follow your website, share it with friends and you will increasingly start getting more and more organic traffic from many other sources other than Google.

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