3 Creative Examples Of Visual Content For Your Business


Have you ever wondered how businesses started promoting through videos, images, and infographics? It may seem like a new wave came in the way these brands tried to reach the audience. If you haven’t really thought about joining this visual content trend, then it’s about time you consider it.

Visual content is a way of delivering what you want to say using visual aids like photos or animations. This style uses more of the creative and artistic side of communication rather than through the lengthy and wordy posts being shared. Since people are becoming busier each day, creating visuals for your promotion can save their time and speak about your brand instantly.

Since we want you to step out of the box and venture on what visual content can do for your business, here are five innovative ideas that you should go for:

1. Images

One of the most popular visual forms is images. In Facebook alone, an average of 250 million photos is being posted in just one day for the year 2012. Now think about the other social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest where pictures can also be posted. Imagine the vast number being shared online plus the users who are viewing the images.

If you are a part of that number, then you can show to your friends or followers what your brand has been up to without having to say a lot. All it takes is your business’s catchy and impressive photo for online promotions.

2. Videos

What can be a better way of providing a tutorial or talk to your customers online? Videos are the right choice here. In 2012, it has been found out that internet users in the United States have already viewed 39 billion videos online. Now, that’s a huge count that you must be a part of.

Record yourself or someone else who wishes to provide quick information about your brand. Just remember that the longer the video gets, the higher the time it needs for editing and uploading. Shorten the length of your video for it to be more effective. Just be creative and carefully plan its concept for the message to be properly delivered.

3. Infographics

Providing data for a specific research that you’ve made could seem boring when you’ll just come up with an essay type of presentation. Make it appear livelier and easier to understand by using infographics. These show the results of a survey or study made through the form of graphic and design.

With the visual elements such as color, images, and numbers used on an infographic, you can instantly let your readers know the valuable information that you’re sharing. If the study is connected to your business, then it’ll give greater points for brand recognition.

When you have already done a visual content for your business, it’s time for you to spread it online and make a good impression out of it. Here are a few tricks on how to promote your new brand photo, video, or infographic:

  • Share it on all of your social media accounts online.
  • Start a contest and gain better online reputation by giving out prizes to friends or followers who will like and share your post.
  • Do a Q&A about the post that you’re going to upload.
  • Use hash-tags to make your visuals more identifiable.
  • Respond to comments, tweets, or messages that online users will be making on your post.

It cannot be denied that visual content is already being a part of the list for business promotions. It can help your business keep up with the way your competitors reach the customers. You just have to be creative and witty on planning your own material. Remember that visual content can only be effective when the crowd’s pleased on how you’ve presented your message.

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