3 Apps To Help You Find Peace


Whether you’re a busy working professional or a stay-at-home mom caring for the kids, we all know how busy life can get sometimes. And during the busiest times is when we tend to forget about taking care of ourselves and relaxing our minds and bodies.

Especially now in the digital age, with all of the increased technology that creates more and more distractions for us and more ways to keep us busy, it’s imperative that we take the time as human beings to relax and find peace at some point throughout our day. And since you always have your phone on you anyway, why not use it to your advantage to help you find that peace and relax, even if it’s just for a 5-minute break during the day?


This app is all about reminding you to live in the moment and take time each day to recognize how you feel in that particular moment. Built upon real clinical psychological research, this app sets off an alarm between 1 and 24 times per day and simply prompts you with one question: “What are you feeling right now?”

It actually forces you to take yourself out of the busyness of the rest of your life and stop for a moment to notice what you are feeling. Then AWARENESS will generate a detailed report of your feelings over the course of a day or week or month, whatever you want, so you can analyze your feelings and potentially how you react to things.

AWARENESS is just $3.99 in the app store and can really help pull you out of the lull of day-to-day life by letting you see that each moment in your day is worth reflecting on.

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal does exactly what it sounds like it does – it helps you feel more grateful for random little things in your life throughout your entire day! The basis behind this $0.99 app is that if you write down 5 things that you are grateful for every single day for an entire month, you will feel more grateful in life overall, and therefore, more at peace with yourself.

In fact, scientific studies actually show that people who thoroughly keep gratitude journals feel more peaceful, more happy and less stressed than before they started keeping the journal.

You store and log all of the things that you are grateful for to reflect upon later, and can ever share your gratefulness with friends. It’s worth the $1 investment to really stop and appreciate the little things every single day in life.

Relax & Rest Guided Meditations

Relax & Rest lets you choose from 3 major meditative settings: Breath Awareness Guided Meditation, Deep Rest Guided Meditation and Whole Body Guided Relaxation, each with varying lengths of meditation depending on how much time you have to dedicate to it.

The best part about this app is that you don’t have to know how to meditate already – the app literally does everything for you. Breath Awareness is for people who only have 5 minutes and want to re-center themselves by focusing on their breathing, which is proven to lower stress levels almost instantly. The Deep Rest meditation option is used by many people to help fall asleep, as it relaxes the body into, well, you guessed it, a deep rest.

The Whole Body option is the longest and allows you to focus on relaxing each and every part of your body individually until your whole body is in a complete state of relaxation. It’s just $0.99 for all of these options. You’ll never feel as relaxed as you do when using this app!

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