20+ Vegetable Carving Artworks That Amaze You

Vegetable carving is the art of carving vegetables to form beautiful objects, such as flowers or birds. It originated in Asia, either 700 years ago or 1000 years ago. In the mid 20th Century, the art of vegetable carving began to grow outside Thailand. Since then other cultures have slowly come to appreciate the beauty and culture associated with the practice. Today, one can marvel at Vegetable carving throughout the world. The products of vegetable carving are generally flowers or birds; however, the only limit is one’s imagination. The techniques of vegetable carving vary from person to person, as does the final result. Some carvings present more artistic detail, while others have simple, yet beautiful shapes. Vegetable carving is generally used as a garnish. It can also be used for flower arranging.Today, I’m going to present you an amazing collection of vegetable carving artworks by ilian.Enjoy!

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