11 Apple Siri Alternatives For Android


iPhone 4S brought a little something extra with it, as we all know, called Siri, the personal voice assistant. That put Android users at an immediate disadvantage for lack of a similar tool, but not for long. Today, there are many Siri-equivalents for Android phones, and many of them are free. Here are 10 Siri alternatives for Android that are considered the best.

1. LG Quick Voice

LG Quick Voice is LG’s latest offering to challenge Samsung’s S Voice and Apple’s Siri. Quick Voice takes voice commands to search the web, manage your reminder and wake-up alarms, send text and email messages and so on. It also manages your contacts and calendar entries.

2. Artificial Intelligent Voice Control (AIVC)

AIVC supports over 15 voice commands. Apart from the usual commands for texting, emailing and so on, there are commands for checking the weather, launching apps and so on. This app integrates with Google Translate and Facebook as well, and is the strongest contender for the number 1 position among Siri alternatives for Android. However, the UI is a little static when compared to Siri.

3. Andy

If you’re looking for a personal voice assistant who can act as your personal encyclopedia, Andy is the one for you. Andy contains a vast amount of encyclopedic data, on every imaginable subject. You can get any kind of information from Andy – about the arts, history, biographies, people info, geography, social sciences, and events and so on. The list of topics is quite extensive. Andy also performs your regular, expected voice assistant tasks such as sending email and making calls.


IRIS is an easy-to-use personal voice assistant. It takes your direct voice commands to call your contacts, look up contacts and perform web searches. The features are limited as yet – for example, you cannot get IRIS to give you a weather report. However, more features are being added.

5. Jeannie

Jeannie is stuffed with a whole lot of features; while some are very useful, you may not find use for the rest. Apart from the usual personal assistant tasks, you can get Jeannie to tell you the temperature, translate spoken English into Spanish, and read you your horoscope or a poem, set alarms or search for anything you want.

6. Speaktoit Assistant

Speaktoit performs all the expected personal assistant tasks quite well. You can call or email a contact, manage basic social networking tasks and search the web using Speaktoit. Other than that, you can There’s also a comic Speaktoit character (male or female as you choose), that you can customize as you want.

 7. Vlingo Virtual Assistant

Vlingo responds best to direct, straightforward instructions. This is an efficient personal assistant that can call, text or email a contact upon your command. It can search the web based on keywords, update your social media status on Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook and so on. Additionally, Vlingo can even purchase movie tickets and book hotel accommodation upon voice command.

8. Cluzee

Apart from the regular tasks such as calling, emailing or texting your contacts and searching the web, Cluzee does a few more things. You can use Cluzee as your personal health planner, and keep track of your weight management routines. For example, Cluzee can store your caloric intake per day, details of your exercise routine and so on. Cluzee can also book tickets, send flowers and so on.

9. Evi

Evi is available for both Android and iPhone, which is a first of its kind. Evi can take either voice or text as input. It can help you look up information local to the US or UK, and has a built-in browser as well. Evi can summarize the key information on a site so you don’t waste your time reading it.

10. Skyvi

Whether you want information on local businesses, weather, or even the latest celebrity news, Skyvi can bring it to you. Skyvi can also help you to place calls, send text messages and emails, and locate places on the map and so on. As an added feature, Skyvi can joke and be smart-alecky to lighten you up.

11. EVA and Evan Intern

Eva and Evan Intern are two versions of a personal voice assistant app with a male avatar (Evan) and a female avatar (Eva). However, you’ll have to download a third party app in order to change the voice from male to female. You can use Eva and Evan Intern to manage your emails, search the web and maps, make calls, update Facebook status, tweet your updates and manage your calendar and contacts.  You can schedule a task for a specific time using Eva. Eva also works well with several Bluetooth headsets. There’s a free, Ad-loaded version if you want, but the paid version is quite expensive.

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