10 Things To Consider Before Choosing An Article Writing Service

There are so many websites offering you the very best article writing services that promise the earth as far as SEO goes, but what exactly do you look for in copywriting services? What distinguishes the best from the rest? Here is our guide to 10 considerations before choosing the copywriter who could very well mean the difference between success and failure.


UK Based

So many services are now contracted overseas which means that even if the company you deal with are based in the UK, they may sub-contract the work to writers in Asia or India. What you’ll get may be a good standard of work but none of the rapport that a UK writer, familiar with the culture, tone and nuances of the UK can drum up.


An experienced writer should be able to provide evidence of previous work done including samples of writing so that you get a feel for their individual style and how well they have managed to communicate with their audience.


If a writer or agency offers a great service then most clients are happy to provide them with testimonials. These should be accredited to the person who is recommending them along with the name of their company. Beware of testimonials which just have a name attached as anyone can recommend themselves.

Spelling and Grammar

The BBC reported that bad spelling and grammar can actually drastically reduce online sales so always ensure that proof reading is offered as part of the writing service.

Research Skills

Anyone can write an opinion but that’s not what online content is all about. You need someone who can be unbiased and write factual reports and articles and back those facts up. Doing research takes a little time and effort but it’s essential for producing a high quality article that will attract links.

Audience Communication

Remember who your target audience are and ensure that your copywriter can effectively communicate with them. You don’t want street terms, slang and familiar phrases in your copy for business clients and vice versa. A good writer can change their style to suit their audience.


A creative writer who can turn copy into poetic prose is of little use in SEO, you need someone who can stick to the point and keep the reader’s interest, so set a required word count for them to stick to.

SEO Knowledge

Working keywords into a coherent, unique and interesting structure is quite a feat even for a good writer. That’s why an SEO writer needs to be more than just a good writer, they need to know about effective keyword placement and how to say the same thing but in a hundred different ways.


No matter how great an article writing service is, if they don’t deliver on time then their talent is wasted. Producing copy on time is critical so always make sure they can perform to deadlines.


Always, always run content through software such as Copyscape as copied content may very well be your downfall.

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