10 Fun Gadgets For Big Kids

Some say that you stop loving toys when you grow up, however, another way to look at it is that you grow up when you stop loving toys. There is a huge range of fun gadgets on the market that is suitable for people of all ages. Some of them are even directed towards a more mature market where you can enjoy your new hobby. Here is a list of 10 fun gadgets for big kids.

RC Cars

The remote controlled car was often seen as something for young boys. But if you look at the people who attend races or just buy them you will find a huge variety of people, from Bank Managers to Joiners. Get hold of your favourite car and drive down your local street whenever you feel like it.


Voice Activated R2-D2

Who didn’t want their own droid after watching the epic Star Wars movies? Now you can buy a voice activated replica of R2-D2 and watch him driving around in your house. The droid uses an infra red sensor to chase after people, avoid obstacles and generally be awesome.


Mini Pen Fishing Rod

Ever walked past your favourite fishing spot and regretted not having a fishing rod with you? With the mini pen Fishing rod you can bring a rod with your wherever you go and make sure that you never miss an opportunity to take home the big catch.



IPads, Galaxy’s, Playbooks; you name it, they’re out there. Everyone seems to have one these days and they are the perfect gadget for anyone. Play games, talk to friends and do almost anything you want with all of these different toys.


Xbox 360

You can never stop loving games and that is why you should never pass up the chance to buy a decent games console. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is one of the best on the market, offering the latest games and good graphics.


Arcade Machine

This might be one of the more expensive gadgets on the list, but who does not want a full-size Arcade machine? Play all the old classics on a genuine machine that brings you back to the good old days.



Fly through the skies with this amazing helicopter like gadget. Mount a camera on it and you will be able to record anything it sees. If you love RC cars to drive on the road, you’ll love the Quadcopter in the air.



Get the best of both worlds with this RC car that also works as a helicopter. Drive down the roads around your home and when something is in your way, just activate the rotor blades and fly over it. A great gadget that combines air and land fun.


Wacoom Bamboo tablet

This is great for the aspiring artist that wants to draw straight on their computer. Plug it in to your usb and use the pen to draw or write whatever you want. The tablet is a perfect option for anyone and even a great replacement for the computer mouse.


Hot Wheels Video Racer

This tiny car can be used to record video for 24 minutes as it drives around completely unnoticed. You can also put it on your wrist and record things like climbing, hiking or exciting stunts.


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